Book: Into Harms Way

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The author, Retired FDNY Lieut. Paul Geidel, is a long time executive board member of the Remembrance Rescue Project. His dedication and devotion to the RRP has been instrumental in keeping the memory alive of all who made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11!

Below see a forward taken from the book  ...

"The love of helping others is bigger than most of us can imagine. There are two groups of helping persons whom I admire the most: firefighters and war veterans. Whether a brave New York city firefighter or Korean War combat veteran, the more dangerous the situation, the more soaring is the mission!

Firefighters have a zest for life. Many have witnessed horrific events that most of us cannot imagine. Firefighters are the first to run into a building to help victims, as others are running out. Their heroism has been captured for decades by various media outlets.

Those that fought over 60 years ago in North Korea during the horrific war as gunners, have vivid images and somewhat clear recollections of what went on in the air during their night missions. The darker the night the more horrific the action. All those courageous vets who risked their lives for our country have a zest for life well beyond my capacity to understand!

This book is about a hero, my hero, my husband, Paul Geidel. Paul and I met in 1981 at a dimly lit crowded lounge in Woodbridge, New Jersey. He was retired for years from the Fire Department of New York City. Once we met, he talked about his career as a firefighter and veteran. Actually, the two hours we spent together were mostly about his fire fighting, which I found interesting.

Eventually we started dating. I came to realize just how much of a history Paul had during his life. Maybe because I was falling for him, or perhaps maturity set it, but I became interested in hearing his many stories about fire fighting, and the top flying aces from various wars!! Paul had turned me into an aviation buff!

Eventually I introduced Paul to my parents. There was an immediate connection. Since Paul was almost fifteen years older than me, they were able to talk about what happened during “their day.” Since my father served in the Army as military during World War II, the conversations seemed to go on for hours. My mother appeared to enjoy the conversations as well. Paul never failed to bring my mother a hamburger from her favorite place whenever he visited which she devoured while listening to their conversations.

On the other hand, my three brothers, Mike, John, and Bob, who were close in age to me, were taken back by the age difference, including Paul’s grey hair. It was going to take time for me to convince them to overlook the age difference and focus on the man. However, it did not take too much time because they seemed to have much in common, sports, travel trailers, Harley riding, and family. Before I knew it, the grey hair became invisible! As for my sister, Cathy, she was fifteen years younger than me and just accepted him as her sister’s new boyfriend.

Paul’s mother and father were deceased. He was a divorced father of four grown children, Gary, Ralph, Michael, and Christine. Gary and Ralph were firefighters in New York City, Michael was working for a trucking company, waiting to be called for the fire department. Today, he is with Rescue I in Manhattan, New York. Christine is a brilliant scientist at a large pharmaceutical company. Their acceptance of me dating their father was with approval.

Paul was also very involved with fast-pitched softball. As a pitcher, he traveled to many beautiful areas of the country to pitch in the tournaments. As a divorced mother of two children, James and Debbie, he often would take us to the tournaments. He was a great role model for my children. We all had a good time watching him pitch as well as fun touring such places as the Capitol Building in Washington DC, the blue oceanfront waters of Ocean City, Maryland, the Corning Glass Factory in Corning, New York to name three of the many places he played over the years.

For many years, Paul talked about writing a book about his experiences with the New York City fire Department, Korean War and fast-Pitch Softball. He did keep a journal of some stories as well as every newspaper article related to many of the events in which he was involved.

After putting a few firefighting, Korean War, and softball stories on softball stories on Facebook, many of his followers encouraged him to write a book. The book you are about to read,... and at the same time is the culmination of Paul’s writing efforts. His goal was to share his stories with others, those who love a good tale. In going through his book, even I learned more about my husband. I believe you will find his stories to be heartfelt and telling."


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