Proud To Be 100% Volunteer Organization.

Our Mission

The Remembrance Rescue Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to historical preservation coupled with youth education in order to honor the 343 fallen FDNY firefighters and the thousands who continue to suffer today. The Project is a volunteer organization with firefighters from across the country donating their time to educate society, especially youngsters in a kid-friendly environment, so that they may understand the historical importance of 9/11 and how it is carried forward today. With your support, we can continue to serve as a one-of-a-kind, rolling educational platform to preserve history and share stories that provide the impactful accounts of heroics and sacrifice.

Honorary Board Members

These distinguished FDNY members are "Honorary Board Members" of the Remembrance Rescue Project and fully support it's mission to "Preserve, Educate, Honor and Remember" their brother Firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11.

Battalion Chief Jack Pritchard

Retired- Battalion 41
"The most decorated Firefighter in the history of FDNY"

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Captain Charles Driscol

Retired - 10 Truck, Squad 5,  18 Truck, 77 Truck, Rescue 5 (10 years)

Captain Thomas Bonamo

Retired-31 Engine, Rescue 1, 233 Engine

Lieutenant William Bessman

Retired- Squad 8, 142 Truck, Rescue 1, 301 Engine

Lieutenant Joseph Reres

Retired-16 Truck, Rescue 1

Firefighter Bill Eisengrein

Retired- Rescue 2

Firefighter Joseph Bilboa

FDNY retiree:
Rescue 1, Rescue 4, Squad 5, Ladder 8.

Firefighter Philip Prial

Ladder 9, Rescue 1

RRP Rescue in San Diego


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    The Road from 9/11

    About the Rescues

    The restored Rescue trucks were in service as Rescue Co. 4 & Rescue Co. 5 during the 9/11 tragedies. To learn more about the companies in which they originated, click the button below.

    Latest News

    06 July 2016
    The Remembrance Rescue Project recently announced a special visit to Henderson, NV with former FDNY Rescue 5 from 9/11 to pay tribute to retired FDNY Firefighter, Ralph Geidel, who recently passed away. Ralph’s father, Paul is a Project Board Member ...
    25 July 2016
    The Remembrance Rescue Project recently announced the addition of its newest Project Board Member, Lt. Paul Geidel(FDNY Rescue 1-ret). Lt. Geidel first met with Project members earlier in the year during a stop in Arizona for the Coast To Coast ...